Development That Pays, the Community
Development That Pays, the Community
Gary Straughan

Welcome to Development That Pays, the Community

Helping YOU to unlock the power of Agile.

About Me

Hi, my name is Gary Straughan.

4 years ago, I started putting videos on YouTube. And 3½  years ago I started surveying people... and uncovered a whole world of pain.

Those of you with team responsibility... are suffering. You want to to do a good job, but you run into obstacles at every turn. 

I believe that Agile can be fixed. And it can be fixed from the inside out.

Why You Should Join Me

Agile Inside Out is all about helping you to help your Agile team

The most powerful part of Agile Inside Out is its community: people that are on the same path as you - and people that have already walked that path.

We're "in-session" at the moment, which means that Agile Inside Out is closed to new enrollments. Click here to get on the Waiting List.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for your support. Completely by accident, "those videos on YouTube" have attracted so many extraordinary people. I'm constantly amazed at your generosity in sharing your Agile experience.